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Chris Rosenquist

Why not try to build a 30k capacity stadium on property next to the Oakland waterfront? Might be scenic and compete with AT&T and PNC and GAB in terms of being an aesthetically pleasing destination that the casual fan might enjoy; just to take in the park and have a beer. Out of 2MM fans in most parks, at least 25% have to be casual attendees just interested in nice weather and being among the people.

As a DMV resident, I have witnessed first-hand the value that Camden Yards provides the O’s just because it’s in a vibrant area. Like the DMV, the bay area can serve two masters (in spite of what Peter Angelos and his Nats-fleecing propaganda might indicate); I’ve always thought it a specious argument that Silicon Valley belongs to the Giants alone. I can’t believe that the USSC didn’t deem the argument worthy its’ day in court.

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