Brazil joined the Pokemon GO hype train

It’s being quite an exciting year in Brazil… earlier we’ve seen Dilma Rousseff impeachment, when all the sober-minded voices were silenced and Brazil territory became a war field between two radical points of view. The last month we’ve seen the Olympic torch travelling a rough path to Rio de Janeiro. In spite of those facts, many people (including myself) is hopping on the Pokemon GO hype train!

Even before the servers became available, a few brazilian pokemon fans were playing using an android emulator and a fake gps signal…. a day after the release has proven that the Pokemon GO fever arrived in Brazil. As soon as the servers became available, almost every marketing, business intelligence and developer employee from Escale started downloading the game from the Play Store and testing it. We were so excited that the CEO asked if we were talking about Pokemon GO and if it still wasn’t available here. Our answer was simply turning our cellphones towards him.

Luckily for us, there’s a pokestop nearby that we can access without even leaving our working station. We are blessed as well with a few pokemons spawning here every now and then and we spent the rest of the day discussing the release and testing what we could do. After leaving work, I took a Uber ride home and we (me and my girlfriend) spent all the ride trying to catch every pokemon and getting rewards for every pokestop we drove by before they stayed behind.

When we arrived home, I realized that I was in the middle of nowhere! No pokemon spawns, no pokestops… I kept staring at the screen without any answer until I tested an Incense. From that moment until 30 minutes after, I captured five pokemons! (sadly 4 of them were Zubat, but well… I’ll evolve one into a Golbat). I ended the night at level 5 and joining Team Mystic.

Today was no different. The streets were full of people walking while looking at their cellphones, many of them playing Pokemon GO (I admit I took a look at a few screens). I caught a few Pokemons on the subway and when I arrived at work, everybody was talking about their last night achievements.

1 day into Pokemon GO and it resulted on me being level 7 with a full bag (In spite of upgrading it once). During the same time, a friend of mine who is in college is level 15 after playing all night long chasing for pokestops with lure.

What I’ve learnt so far about the game with little to no reading guides:

  • Pokestops are sweet experience early game.
  • Catch every pokemon you pass by. You’ll need candies later on.
  • Don’t power up your pokemon early. You’ll get them with higher CP when you level up.
  • 350 bag slots seem a lot… they are not!
  • Pokestops with lure are a pokemon paradise.

And that’s day 1 of many Pokemon Masters wannabe. From now own I’ll continue playing the game since it’s pretty fun and look for funny news of weird stuff happening to people while they were playing it.

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