That’s it, I’m addicted. Donald Trump has got me, OK?
julian rogers

I, too, am addicted. CNN and other media outlets smell blood now that Flynn has been taken out by Trump’s bitterest enemy, the free press. I would submit that Trump is all about appearance over substance and that he would have stood by Flynn, had the press not exposed his malfeasance, because what’s a little lying or Logan Act criminal skulduggery to Trump? The Donald himself seems to lie hourly or better. It’s almost like breathing for him. Conway is reportedly the next one due to fall, but doubtless there will be a long trail of shady operators dropped by the wayside as the Truth Machine of journalism grinds up these functionaries of this underhanded administration. Maybe Flynn will prove to be an Ollie North to this new (worse) Reagan. Because congress is not going to just breeze over what happened there with Flynn’s illegal secretive diplomatic “mission, “ his apparently successful attempt to placate the Russians, perhaps with Trump’s full consent. I have never seen such corruption occupy so many high offices in my lifetime., at least not in this country. This is the year the free press becomes the real leadership of this country. This is why we all hew so closely to them now. It’s not a mere “reality show” addiction. It’s our own awareness of what is at stake. And that is America itself and its ideals.