Ren Hang Has Died

I wake up and learn from a friend that one of our greatest contemporary photographers has killed himself.

At twenty-nine.

Someone please tell The New York Times. They seem not to know

This is such a depressing period. I think about George Michael’s genius and the loss every day and now this near-kid.

Michael, too, might have been a suicide. (He might have been murdered; we just don’t know yet.)

Ren Hang’s reputation is assured. He must have known that. I hope he knew that. Maybe he didn’t care. Depression is awful. I wonder to what degree politics played a part in this tragedy. Chinese government officials consistently attacked and removed his work.

There’s your next Francesca, world. Sadly.

I wonder if his Flickr account is still up. He was a cynosure on Flickr for years.

Artists who suffer from depression, please get help and choose life. We need you. Now more than ever.

Eulogy and memory at The British Journal of Photography.