6 Awesome E-Commerce Platforms That Can Make Your Business Fly

The Internet is the new trading place, where big fortunes are waiting for you. Either most of the companies are in a transition or they are planning for an amicable transition. If you are also planning something, like this then before knocking the doors of a seasoned web development company like www.icecubedigital.com you should know about these e-commerce platforms that we are mentioning here.

1. Magento: The leader of the pack, this E-commerce program is very easy to handle, for beginners it can be an ideal choice; it has the power to expand its capacity, as your business will grow. It is very responsive in nature and scores well in SEO race.

2. Joomla: It is an open control content management system for CMS operations. Special features like RSS feed and language internalization gives it a cutting edge, it has a strong customer base of over seventy million users and it is catching up in the market very fast.

3. Typo 3: It is an advanced system of CMS at your disposal, if you are thinking big right from the word go then Typo 3 has all the necessary tools to accommodate your vast and varied needs. Technically, it is very advanced and functions like modularity, and elastic administration system gives it a cutting edge over the others. Some experts believe that it is a bit complicated for the functions like installation and modification. Expert support and supervision is a constant requirement when you are dealing with Typo.

4. BigCommerce: It is an effective management tool designed for small and medium online stores. The primary and secondary levels of store management can be handled with it quite easily. It also has this top of the grid security features that makes it relatively safe. It is very popular among the beginner because it can handle sudden spikes that can occur to your business, suppose your start-up clicks all of a sudden and receives a huge traffic, normal e-commerce platforms may crumble in this condition. However, BigCommerce can handle this condition well up to some extent.

5. Shopify: It is a very simple shopping cart solution, hosting is very easy, after initial few tutorials you can start using it on your own. Manuals are very vast and support various real life problems very well. The management of the data and generation of business related queries are very easy. The heads behind Shopify takes good care of server maintenance issues.

6. WordPress: A great choice for the beginners, all you need is to search for an apt template and rest of the operation is plug and play, most of the plugins associated with WordPress are free and you require minimum efforts to manage them. However, you cannot handle complicated operations without the intervention of right technicians; still, it is a better choice for beginners.