The effectiveness of Pinterest

This image by Ripley Rowan is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0 | created in CANVA

The experience I had with doing a class related activity using Pinterest began with a rocky start but became extremely user friendly once familiarizing myself with the site. The activity I was participating in required me to create a board on the differences of taxonomy and folksonomy within blog posts on a popular blog site called ‘Medium’. Pinterest itself is an extremely useful and beneficial social media outlet, including a range of topics from home improvement, DIY ideas, and travel assistance to tattoo ideas, cooking, and photography.

When given the task of finding these differences on Pinterest, we struggled to find any source of information regarding taxonomy and folksonomy that was actually written on Medium and shared within Pinterest. The issue was solved extremely easily by using the chrome extension to save anything I want. With the simple click of a button I was able to pin external sources on my personal board.

This image by Pinterest is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0

Lately, in my free time, I have been browsing the app and seeing what it has to offer me in relation to my interests. I’ve come across many different articles and photos in general that has sparked my attention in various areas. Being relatively new to photography, I had taken some time to see what I could learn through some of these articles and found that they were extremely helpful and beneficial especially with a hobby that I have recently found a passion for.

Overall, Pinterest is a very straightforward source to finding any information and can be effective in many different aspects. Whatever the topic may be that interests you, Pinterest has something for everyone. Beginning to use it on my own for my personal interests has been great and time consuming. I look forward to absorbing as much information as I can regarding photography, travel, food, and much more!