Upcoming iMac G4 Build

iMac G4 (2003)

I think most of the people who are building PCs would know this little baby. Right! This is the iMac G4 which normaly comes with a PowerPC Processor (ca. 1Ghz), a NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 (64MB DDR SDRAM) and only 256MB of DDR SDRAM (333Mhz). But when you’re clever you know that I won’t use this thing as a Gaming-PC and I can’t recommend that to anybody.

This will look like this!

But to continue I will introduce you some Parts which are: cheap, powerful and relative new! So first starting off with the Heart of the building: the processor. When you ever heard of the Intel Pentium G3258 I’m sure you would buy it. At the first look a normal CPU: Dual Core 3.2 Ghz 3MB Cache and the Price: 69$. MEH! But I’ve forgotten one thing: IT’S UNLOCKED! Time to be creative! I mean you can OC it from 3.2 Ghz(which isn’t really bad) to 4.7 Ghz(And I’m not sure, if you can OC it higher so: sorry). You must know that Overclocking doesn’t costs anything(except your electricy). But now the question is: Why is THIS processor unlocked and many other CPUs not? Well, there’s just one Reason: because of the 20th anniversary of the PENTIUM(processor)! And with 4.7 Ghz for only 69 dollars it’s totally worth the price!

Intel Pentium G3258

Going next to the Motherboard I really want to have and maybe I’ll get it(if my dad buys it). The MSI Z97I Mainboard which is a Gaming Mainboard for round about 130 dollars. It’s compatible with the G3258(cause of the LGA 1150 Socket) and contains DDR3 Ram Slots(which is very modern), 2USB 2.o, 1 USB 3.0(Newest), HDMI Port, DVI Port, two WIFI-Antennas and what’s maybe important for me one eSATA Port(if I want to put in an external drive like an SSD or HDD). What do you mean about this Mainboard? Write some comments in the comment section down below.


Next off we have a 500GB Drive by WesternDigital and there isn’t much to say about it except that I need very much storage, if I’ll use this PC for a very long time!

WD Blue 500GB

And the last thing that I’ll use is the XMS3 RAM(2x2GB). This RAM was the first with higher Quality, which I held in my hands. With DDR3 this RAM for round about 50$ isn’ to bad. But most of you like to say that I should buy the: Curcial Ballistix Sport(32$,2x8GB). Yeah you aren’t to wrong, but I already have the XMS3 RAM.


And yeah this is my build overall, hope you enjoyed reading this little report, with my recommendations and some hardware, which I already had at home. See you next time, bye!

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