LambdaConf and the question of diversity
Justin Leitgeb

Justin, thanks for the lengthy and thoughtful discussion of the LambdaConf situation! As someone who doesn’t go to such conferences, I have been mostly dismayed by the level of vitriol and relative lack of discussion and appeal to reason.

(Disclaimer: I tend to be more sympathetic to the “engage, discredit” approach to dealing with bad and dangerous ideas than the “boycott, shun” approach. I don’t think avoidance works in the long run, but I agree that in the short run it can have costs that are too high to pay, and so vigorously maintaining a safe zone can be good too.)

However, I noticed your signature on Are you sure you wanted to sign that as written? For someone who doesn’t know what de Goes wrote, it leaves an impression that the LambdaConf organizers invited Yarvin because they agreed with him, or at least didn’t care. That’s inadequate to the point of being borderline dishonest.

It reads to me like an attack on LambdaConf, as if attacking LambdaConf would do something to impact the political movement Yarvin’s affiliated with (ha!), and takes a tone as if the organizers are hurtful rather than thoughtful and well-intentioned but misguided. Is that what you mean to support? Because that is how it reads to me.

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