Our Consumption Model Is Broken. Here’s How To Build A New One.
Ali El Idrissi

You summarized our current plight very well, but haven’t offered any meaningful ways out of it other than, essentially, “don’t do that!”.

Perhaps you can write a follow-up article where you actually give concrete suggestions about how to sustain an economy and provide effective incentives under a new model? We’ve been telling people that it would be better if we valued different things, and though there are some glimmers of change visible in things like fair trade and organic foods, it’s heavily overwhelmed by business-as-driven-by-the-usual-incentives.

We can carve out another niche for “people-first, low-waste” products, but ultimately they’re going to be stocked in Whole Foods not Wallmart and thus have only moderate impact, and ultimately their success will be measured by how well they sell (i.e. how much they’re consumed) not how much they don’t sell.

Ideas which are both more expansive and more pragmatic are needed here.