Becoming the Bull! :: STEX :: Upcoming Decentralized & Modern Cryptocurrency Exchange

Get ready for the most promising decentralized exchange to hit the cryptocurrency economy!

Fully loaded with modern financial features

  • Leverage & Margin
  • Futures
  • Options
  • Hedge Funds
  • Index Funds
  • ETF

What features are we missing?

Become your own fund manager!
 How about personal funds created by anyone with the opportunity to promote and receive investments. (That’s what sold me initially)

Have you ran into the exchange issue where they don’t support your token?

This limited token support causes traders to operate on multiple exchanges. With :: STEX :: this problem is solved with one simple phrase

All Tokens — 1 Exchange

With over 10,000 exchangeable pairs being introduced in Q1 2018, this exchange will completely eliminate the need to trade on multiple exchanges.

The next question is an obvious follow up

What about liquidity for the 10,000 tokens?

The greatest advantage :: STEX :: exchange brings to the table is their complex solution. Using unique algorithms originally designed for traditional markets, these will be utilized on the exchange to provide higher liquidity for token- pairs.
 Feel free to get acquainted with this liquidity concept by visiting the Stex Website or the WhitePaper where you can also find information regarding the financial features that will also be included in the exchange.

:: STEX :: is positioned to become the leader in Crypto Exchanges

  • Highly successful development team including the founder of KeyCaptcha Services
  • All-In-One token-pairs
  • Modern Financial instruments

15,000 Ethereum raised in Sold-Out Pre-Sale!

This exchange is not only one to use, but is also one you probably would like to own…

One more feature I failed to mention — 100% user owned!

All trading commissions are paid directly to token holders.
 And do to this fact, it allows the platform to function as a decentralized operation and also provide the lowest commissioned exchanges possible!

How to become a :: STEX :: token Owner?

The ICO is coming in November!
 The exact date has yet to be determined but has been tentatively set between the 15th — 24th.

  • 45 million STE are up for grabs in a unique auction style ICO
  • 1 Eth = 500 STE at starting price

The crowdsale will complete on December 31 or if all tokens are sold

  • Unsold tokens will be burned

Don’t Miss The Opportunity to Own a Piece of :: STEX ::

For information regarding the ICO, whitepaper, Roadmap, or the development team, please follow my affiliate link:

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