What is ICOGuide.com?

This brand new website exists to bring you the most timely and accurate reviews of the latest and greatest ICOs (properly known as Initial Coin Offerings).

ICOGuide.com will help you to decide which ICO is worth your hard-earned money. Lately there has been such a proliferation of ICOs — raising an estimated $5 billion Dollars to date — that choosing between them can be an overwhelming task. We’re here to separate the wheat from the chaff; reviewing all these projects in strict accordance with our proven methodology for selecting only the most successful.

How do We Judge ICOs?

We absolutely do not accept payment from any of the ICOs listed on our site. Unlike some of our competitors, we strive for an entirely impartial and transparent review process. In order to get listed, an ICO must first pass critical examination by our global team of cryptocurrency experts. Our team members analyse each ICO independently, across the full range of relevant criteria. We then combine all of our expert ratings into an average for each category. This method ensures a fair and balanced appraisal of each ICO.

Meet Our Team

The ICOGuide.com team is comprised of over 10 cryptocurrency experts from around the world, with a collective industry experience of more than 50 years. Our team’s expertise covers everything from the finer technical details of blockchain technology to the broader economic picture. Our combined knowledge and skills are at your disposal through our site, ensuring you have all the necessary information to aid your decision-making process.

Although our team is international, our company is headquartered in Georgia, at the very crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Our unique culture ensures an objective analysis of both Western and Eastern cryptocurrency projects. With developments in the crypto space being unconstrained by geography, the wise investor must transcend linguistic and cultural barriers to better recognise value.

Why is Georgia the Perfect Location for a Crypto Startup?

Bitcoiners will have heard of Bitfury; the Georgian company famous for its Bitcoin mining operations and mining hardware. In 2016, over 15% of new bitcoins were created in Georgia. What many people don’t know is that Bitfury is currently collaborating with the Georgian government on a ground-breaking project to record property deeds in blockchain form.

The Georgian state’s open and progressive stance on blockchain technology, combined with the nation’s high ease of doing business — rated 9th in the world in 2018 by the World Bank! — make for the ideal environment in which to develop our business… and perhaps yours too? If you need advice on raising funds via ICO or situating in a business and blockchain-friendly location, avail yourself of our consulting services.

Explore Our History

In 2015, the exciting opportunities spawned by the cryptocurrency revolution became the primary focus of our digital marketing agency. Ever since, we’ve progressed in both wealth and knowledge. By learning to identify the potential of new crypto projects early-on, we’ve realised some tremendous growth. Developing an appreciation for the factors essential to long-term success has ensured our commitment to the best projects — even through their inevitable dips. We feel the time is now right to share our hard-won knowledge with the investing public.

What Makes ICOGuide.com so Unique?

Here at ICOGuide.com, we pride ourselves on the many reasons that make our offering so unique in the world of cryptocurrency. Here are a few of those accomplishments which bring us the most satisfaction:

· Our evolved design philosophy, which guarantees that our website is user-friendly for beginners, while still catering to the specialised needs of even the most advanced users.

· Our complete openness to welcoming any ICO which is willing to undergo our rigorous review process.

· We stand behind each and every one of our ratings, as we know them to be legitimate and justified by all available facts.

· We’re the first platform to offer a comprehensive way of comparing ICO trading platforms

Our Vision

We want to achieve many things through our website. The primary goal will always remain serving you, our valued readers, by providing the clearest, most accurate, and just plain best ICO comparisons and reviews. We want our design to be attractive and easily-accessible and for our content to be always relevant and on-point. By achieving these aims, prospective ICO investors will be maximally empowered; able to quickly and easily establish a solid factual basis for their market decisions.

Of course, we also want to help new and interesting start-ups to reach their full potential and bring their products and services to the world. We believe that the future corporate giant of the blockchain world — the next Apple or Google — is highly likely to have its roots in an ICO project — perhaps even one listed on our website today?

As our founder states it, “it has become far too complex to select a promising and trustworthy ICO for investment purposes. I firmly believe ICOGuide.com’s purpose is to steer our clients away from common pitfalls, leading them along the path towards greater success and the ultimate destination — complete financial independence.”