2017 in Review by ICORating

In January, we plan to publish an extensive and thorough report on the ICO market for the year 2017 that will include trends for 2018.

If you want to be the first to receive this report (3 days before its official release), please write us to request your exclusive access by email to mail@icorating.com.

And now to five major things that drew our attention in 2017 and will totally influence the upcoming year’s events.

1. Startups worldwide have raised almost $5 billion with ICOs and we expect that figure to be even larger in 2018.

The ICO industry has involved some huge hedge funds from traditional markets; crypto funds have multiplied in number and in the amount of capital under their management. According to Morgan Stanley’s estimates, crypto hedge funds raised around $2 billion in investments, and that amount will continue to grow in 2018.

That can only mean one thing for the industry — ICO starts to resemble a light version of IPO: the requirements for projects will become stricter and investment ratings will become almost inseparable from their projects, similar to the classic financial environment.

2. Regulatory bodies are working out their stance on the ICO market and will declare their positions in 2018.

We at ICORating are in regular contact with the biggest world regulators. We support their endeavours to make the market more transparent and protect all the players involved. We are honored to claim our part in that process.

3. Cryptocurrencies rallying caused enormous growth in fund managers’ interest in the crypto industry.

Bitcoin having reached $20,000 has pulled a major part of the market’s assets with it. In this context, tokens have become a great tool for diversifying the risks for investors. This trend — placement of a part of the capital in tokens — is highly likely to continue to grow in 2018.

4. Post ICO Ratings will matter.

Many successful ICOs that have raised significant investments find, and will be finding themselves in a situation when they need to deliver up-to-date credible project information to their investors and to the market. And the credibility of that information should be checked by an independent organization.

The main goals for projects are, of course, stimulating growth for their token on the secondary markets and laying the foundation for further possible investment rounds.

That’s why we at ICORating will launch a Post-ICO assessment procedure in 2018.

5. Next year the industry will likely experience the first $1 billion+ ICO.

This will probably be Telegram. Many of the hints and rumors that circulate in the industry (though several of these are encouraged by the team) warm the interest in this messenger’s token sale.

Currently, there is rumored to be a closed first stage of the ICO that will be open only to investors willing to offer $20+ million with a mandatory 2.5 year ban on selling the tokens.

This information is yet to be verified, but if Telegram actually launches its ICO in 2018 there will be no shortage of investors, and closing a billion doesn’t appear to be science fiction.

If we take into account that Telegram has no access to classic venture funding, then an ICO is practically the only way to raise a significant amount of money.

P.S. Do we consider Telegram’s ICO a good idea? As usual, you will discover our angle on this when we release our Investment Rating report with scoring and thorough analysis. 500 fund representatives and private investors will receive that report 5 days prior to its official release. If you want to be included in that pool, please contact us at mail@icorating.com.

The release date for the report will be announced right after the official release of Telegram’s ICO.