ICORating Weekly Report: Week 49

Our analysts compiled another weekly report on the ICO industry status, highlighting top initiatives in several funding categories.

PDF version of the report is available on our website: http://icorating.com/ICORating_weekly_report_3.pdf

Top-6 of this week’s projects conducted their ICOs eminently. CyberTrust initiative managed to raise around $16 million and 35K in ETH in a week, Trade.io raised around $ 13 million and 28 K of ETH, Spective reached $ 4 million milestone, Loci was funded with $ 2 million+, and iungo raised $ 1,5 million and 3,2 thousand in ETH. Also, Algory project has gathered $ 180K and 400 ETH.

This week’s highlighted completed projects include Storm, Universa, Spectre, Leverj, pre-ICO of Qlink, Cashaa, Sportyfi, Aphelion, Hut34 Project and Verify. These initiatives have finalized their ICOs and several of them have raised the funds needed for the next phases.

Several projects that end this week still haven’t met their hard caps.

In terms of industry events, this week will be very tight, with 8 conferences on ICOs, cryptocurrency and blockchain that will be held across the globe.

Updated Results of November’2017

Amongst Top 5 projects that launched their ICOs in November are:

  • Raiden Network with $ 33,407,633 raised
  • Ripio which moved $ 38,800,000
  • Grid+ that managed to achieve 32,000,000 in US dollars
  • Pre-ICO of Bankex, funded with $ 21,357,345
  • Quantstamp, collected $ 31,319,385

ICORating provides the scoring of all the noteworthy initiatives on the market as they emerge, and in order to diversify your investment portfolio we recommend you to check our ratings regularly.

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