China’s social media trend — consumer behaviours have changed!

Social media is a ‘must-have’ in driving actual sales

China’s social media and e-commerce platforms have dramatically grown over the past few years. You may have heard of gigantic e-commerce shopping platforms such as Alibaba and; social media and communication platforms such as Weibo and WeChat. Their number of active users and what the platforms have achieved has caught everyone’s attention.

Over this period there have been two significant shifts. First of all, people are becoming much more mobile friendly, according to Statista, almost 45 percent of the population accessed the internet from their mobile device. Many of them managing multiple social media accounts. Secondly, people are now shopping via mobile. Tmall’s Double 11 Shopping Festival 2016 (24 hours on November 11) achieved sales of USD 11.85 billion, with mobile accounting for 82% of sales.

Viveca Chen, CEO from WE Marketing Group, said in an interview on ThoughtfulChina two years ago, the social media trend in China is mobile, social and commercial.

According to China Daily, China’s mobile users exceeded 1.3 billion in 2015 and this number continues to grow with 29.6 percent of them being 4G users.

Weibo and WeChat are the most influential social media and communication platforms. Active monthly users on each platform are 390 million and 818 million respectively, offering huge commercial opportunities for businesses to invest.

It’s difficult to express the extent of the whole picture, but worth noting the start of the trend. Social media has become a part of daily life. It is not considered ‘new media’ anymore. Consumers are extremely comfortable with mobile shopping.

It is the job of communicators and marketers to integrate social media and e-commerce to drive results for brands and businesses.

Social media can not only be used to create conversations, but also to convert them into actual sales. This is currently changing the role of social media significantly. Weibo and WeChat now provide payment tools within their platforms to make it even easier for the consumer to purchase.

The most important lesson we have learnt here is to find the best way to integrate social media experiences and link them to e-commerce platforms, ultimately generating quality leads and sales.

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