What’s so nice about NICE?!

NICE — One image can tell a thousand words

NICE is one of the most popular photo sharing platforms in China, some would say the Chinese equivalent of the Facebook owned Instagram. The appearance along with the use of the social media platform are very similar.

Instagram users should more or less at home with the Nice app as the userface is simple. Take a picture, upload it, edit it or add filters, then post it. The only slight difference is that tags are put into the photo rather than added to the accompanying text below, which is now becoming more and more popular on Facebook’s social imagery sharing platform. It is not uncommon to see ‘Tap for details’ . With just one click you can see exactly what is tagged be it on Instagram or Nice which is much more friendly for brands, influencers and users alike.

Image description: As you can see, these key opinion leaders are showing you their latest Celine, Marin, Chanel, Vivier and Jordan pieces of clothing.

NICE is given another key word and impression by users, “潮” , meaning hipster. Some may call it a hipster app, for digital natives to show case their cool lifestyle.

In one of the interviews, founder Shou Zhou (周首) claims users are focusing on different things on Instagram and NICE. People are looking for beautiful photos on Instagram, whereas people are showing off their quality life on NICE. For example nicers love showing off their nice clothes, shoes, bags — the total look!

Zhou is a male shoe-enthusiast. The early version of Nice was focusing on male fashion and retail. Now the app has become much more diverse so you can also find categories like travel, music, sports, food, digital and much more on there. Although, fashion has remained to be its number one search. Global brands like Nike and UNIQLO have joined the platform and have ran hugely successful campaigns specifically targeted at their customers.

Images description: The latest fashion trends are showcased and tagged in sponsored posts. The message below the photo is to encourage users to post their photos of them in the latest trend that sesason and tag UNIQLO on NICE. The best photos will be selected as ‘lucky person of the day’ and their photo will be published via UNIQLO’s official account.

You can do similar things on Instagram such as tagging your favorite brands most commonly seen under the searchly hashtag of #OOTD. However there is a slight difference and feel to the Chinese photo sharing app, the attitudes to fashion and commercial advertising are much more accepted.

Opportunity for brands:

Particularly on a platform like NICE, users are extremely comfortable with brand culture. They are young and enthusiastic about discovering the latest trends. It is a great environment for retail brands to showcase products and engage with their target audience.

Here are some key characteristics of NICE:

· Mobile friendly

· Insert multiple tags within a photo

· Open platform, users are free to view uploaded photos and chat to each other openly using WeChat or QZone

· Photos can be liked and commented on

· Users are attached for sharing the same interests due to its algorithms and data mining capabilities

· Most users are under 35

· Live broadcasting section (users can establish a live broadcast channel)

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