Aliens in America Part 1 of 5

Downtown Helena, Montana, USA

Tasked by the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), I was on assignment to obtain photographic evidence of extraterrestrial life believed to be thriving, presumably undetected, in a remote triangle of the NW Montana wilderness.

Specifically within a geographic triangle whose three points consisted of Helena, Townsend, and Butte, Montana, USA. SETI calls this area the ‘Alien Triangle.’ I only had three days and two nights so I had to work fast.

The distance between Helena and Townsend is 54 km; between Townsend and Butte, 132 km; and from Butte back to Helena 109 km.

It was within the triangle using these three cities as its points, a remote area of mountains, rock, and dense forest that SETI believed that extraterrestrials had been living undetected for years, perhaps centuries.

Carved into the face of a mountain inside the ‘Alien Triangle.

So last July I deplaned at the Helena Regional Airport, armed with a camera, notebook, and a backpack stuffed with clothes, meds, and a handful of essentials.

Helena, population 28,190, is the capital city of Montana and the county seat of Lewis and Clark County. Originally founded as a gold camp during the Montana gold rush Helena was established in 1864.

Downtown Helena, Montana, USA

54 km east of Helena, tucked cosily in a valley between two mountain ranges, sits Townsend, Montana, population 1,878, my first stop on this mission to photograph the odd and unusual: that which appeared ‘Alien’. I rented a Jeep at the airport and headed east on State Route 287 for Tiny Townsend.

39 km east of Helena I shot this structure on my right.
42 km east of Helena a West Bound Freight Train

State R 287 cuts between two mountain ranges and mostly parallel to the Northern Pacific RR tracks.

42 km east of Helena I parked my Jeep to shoot these tracks.

44 km east of Helena spans this bridge across the trickle that begins the longest river in North America, the Mighty Missouri that from this bridge flows east and south for 3,767 km.

44 km east of Helena I slid down a slippery slope to see for myself where the Missouri River begins and snapped this photo of that bridge’s Ameriican-Made Steel underbelly before swarming mosquitoes chased me back to my Jeep and heading into Townsend again.

42 km east of Helena I shoot this ‘Feeder’.

48 km east of Helena dead Dandelions, a barbed wire fence, horses grazing, another westbound from Townsend Fright train and the Elkhorn Mountain Range, part of the Rocky Mountains and roughly 300,000 acres in size.

51 km east of Helena

54 km east of Helena, Townsend’s western limits marked by Silos.

Aliens in America Part 2/5 posts in 2 days, please tune in.

Report and Photo Documentation by Roger Hilleboe, aka #Iconoclast00