I arrived in Phoenix from my home in Tucson, Arizona, USA on June 14 to hang some of my recent paintings for a gallery opening exhibit in Scottsdale. My intent was to leave that sizzling concrete megapolis as quick-as-I-could. Alas situation and circumstance conspired to trap me there through June 22. Through a killer Heatwave of Alien Death Ray magnitude and the 2016 Summer solstice’s first full moon in seventy three years.

Armed only with my trusty iPhone I wandered the West Side suburban neighborhood of my friend’s home who kindly put me up and shooting FoneFotos in the morning before the Sonoran Desert sun rose high enough to sizzle my skull like bacon in a skillet.

Before the sun set but before the moon rose I’d drive to the Palmdale Country Club, grab a seat at the bar, order my usual, Cranberry Juice and Soda on the rocks and shoot the shit with the slacker members who hung there for hours, some of whom played near continuous games of Gin Rummy for a buck a point. My advantage? Unlike my opponents who invariably underestimated me, cocky suckers, I avoided alcohol, knew the game, and counted cards. My disadvantage? The stakes were high for me but peanuts to them and they played much more frequently.

I also was able to amuse and therefore to distract them by doing these scoresheet doodles with the only instruments available, a black, a red, and a blue Ballpoint pen.

Penny-a-Point: Nancy Wins! Ballpoint pen on cheap paper by Roger Hilleboe, aka #Iconoclast00

Keeping Score. Ballpoint pen on paper by Roger Hilleboe, aka #Iconoclast00

When I sat out games I’d continue to doodle comic book roughs like this and later enhance them with a cheap iPhone app called Halftone2. I even sold one of these silly things to cover a loss.

Freak-A-Zoid Komix. Story and art by Roger Hilleboe, aka #Iconoclast00. Stickers by Halftone2.

Here’s the one I sold which I photographed before handing it over to my kind benefactor. Missing Limb Comics. Story and art by Roger Hilleboe, aka #Iconoclast00. Stickers by Halftone2

I left Phoenix after sundown, June 22, and shot this photo of the post-solstice, one-day-post-full moon rising halfway through my 92 mi drive home to Tucson and a semblance of sanity. Today, 23 June 2016 High Temperature in Tucson? A comfortable, well bearable anyway, 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

La Luna Partially Obscura. Photo by Roger Hilleboe, aka #Iconoclast00. Thanks much for viewing, perhaps even reading this rather mundane story about attempting to make the most of a bad situation. All comments welcome and encouraged.

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