ICO Rating

What are we?

We evaluate ICO projects from the point of view of a medium-term investor.
We apply a clear methodology for ranking projects.

What is the methodology?

We use the method of calculating points for each of the positions:
- Is there a buyback
- Is the issued token provided with real assets or not
- Does the company give a discount at the initial placement
- Does the company pay dividends
- Whether round-the-clock support of the project is established or not
- Is there a bounty program to promote the project
- And also, is the project discussed in the media

What are the priorities in the calculations?

The priority is to ensure the availability of tokens with real assets.
Further, does the company pay dividends and/or gives a discount when placing.

Do not you care how much the company is active in the media?

It is very important, but it is a primary hype that can only work for a short time.
If there is nothing under the project, then there is a risk that after the ICO, the price may drop sharply.

We are private investors, we analyze and evaluate ICO projects in which they themselves would have invested,
But if the project is empty — we just write “…Тикайте отсюда, братцы”