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Mar 30, 2018 · 2 min read

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The AICT Internet of things application network uses DAG technology (directed acyclic graph), in which each user can submit a data unit. The data unit can contain conditional control of different classes and processes (such as transactions, messages, application management, intelligent management, etc.). The characteristic of DAG (directed acyclic graph. DAG) is that the write operation of data unit is asynchronous, and a large number of clients can write all kinds of data asynchronously to DAG independently, which can support large amount of concurrency and extremely high speed. At the same time, TrustNote using DAG technology also supports declarative smart contracts, which are meant to be written directly according to what the user wants, to describe them in a very simple language.

What are ICTA Tokens ? How can I see it in the wallet?

ICTA are ERC20 tokens based on Ethereum platform. You can store it any ERC20 compatible wallet.

If your wallet application has not yet listed AICT. You can lookup your tokens balance via the AICT smart contract:

Contract Address : 0x9e2b209afc38b74b3278b4e3e2e61dcefc752bb2

Decimal : 9

Symbol : ICTA

ALL Those who have ICT in there wallet we have send equal amount of AICT just put the contract address and other details mentioned above you will see Equal amount of ICTA

What is the Total Supply ?

The Total Supply is 500,000,000 ICTA.

Where can I buy/sell ICTA?

AICT Is been launched and can be traded on OTCBTC and Hot currency network.

  • OTCBTC : ICTA Trading Pairs are ETH and BTC respectively.
  • Hot currency network : ICTA Trading Pairs are ETH , BTC and GSET respectively.

We will soon roll out F.A.Q. 2.0 and clear out more questions !!

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