AICT Is Officially Listed on OTCBTC

AICT Foundation
Mar 29, 2018 · 2 min read

We are very happy to announce that AICT has been successfully launched on OTCBTC and will be open to buy at 12:00 GMT , 23rd March 2018 and will start trading at 14:00 GMT on March 23rd 2018.

About Exchange OTCBTC

OTCBTC, established in September 2017 by a group of Taiwanese team fascinating blockchain science. By combining the experience of exchange, ICO, and foreign exchange applications, we are dedicated to providing global users to provide safe, easy-to-use and reliable blockchain services, with strict KYC procedures and fair scoring system to build to up a cryptocurrency trading platform.

With OTCBTC platform, individuals from different countries can directly complete the cryptocurrency trading. Sellers can post a sale offer on the platform and explain the payment method and exchange rate, while the buyers choose a suitable sellers to complete the trade directly online according to their needs. During the transaction, coins are placed in OTCBTC wallet, where you can complete the entire transaction safely and conveniently.

About AICT

The block chain structure of the AICT IoT blockchain can meet the needs of different business areas and improve the system’s scalability and maintenance efficiency. It can be used to mark assets and asset transfers. It can also provide records of multidimensional events that cannot be tampered with. It can also be used to trace sources to track the flow of goods.

AICT will work with globally high-quality trading platforms, projects, technology developers, and community builders to create a safe, efficient, and low-cost blockchain application platform.

AICT is currently being traded on Hot currency network:

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