Conversations: On Existence of Soul And Two ‘scientific’ Experiments That Prove One!
Dheeraj DeeKay

The free book on soul theory at gives three independent methods of existence of soul — (1) Yogic Power (2) Reincarnation (3) Destiny. There are many examples. The book also show that science cannot be correct. All science theories are based on assumptions and assumptions are false for nature. The truth comes only from observing the nature, just like Galileo did. Here is a proof based on observation of reincarnation.

A baby boy was born with birthmarks of bullet wounds on chest and back. Doctors, nurses, parents verified that observation. Around age two, when the boy learnt to speak, he said — his name in previous birth was N, he died in hospital H, in town T, on date D, due to a gunshot wound in chest. Researchers visited the hospital, and verified the entire truth of the boy’s statements from the autopsy records in the hospital. Such babies, who remember past life, are called Jatiswar in Sanskrit. In one such case of a Jatiswar, the boy became very sick, and doctors had to perform surgery on the boy to save him. Doctors found the entire straight line bullet path inside the boy’s body, matching with the autopsy record of the body in the previous life.

This example of reincarnation is most convincing because a body mark from previous life appeared in the present body, and the kid also remembered everything. The example shows that our body is not grown naturally inside mother’s womb. It is constructed by the soul in the way it wants.

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