“Everything is unthinkable without peace” An interview with Reiner Braun

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(by Stephan Bartunek)

If, at the end of the ’90s, one had the impression of moving into a peaceful, international new millennium, 17 years after the celebrations, a sober analysis has to be faced.

The Middle East is sinking into bloody chaos and war driven by foreign interests, Europe is forced to face the associated refugee crisis, and is also threatened by a desperate and brutal terror, which has grown from and is nurtured by these wars.

And although there are enough ideas and proposals to solve this chaos, one gets the impression that politics and large parts of the media are only interested in distorting and shifting the causes of the conflicts.

For “Idealism Prevails”, Stephan Bartunek embarked on a search for a person who has kept calm in the storm of this time and who has been dealing with wars, but also with solutions for peace, for decades.

Reiner Braun, born in 1952, is a journalist and the managing director of Berlin-based IALANA (Lawyers against Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons — For Non-violent Peacebuilding — German Section of the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms). Since 2013 he has also been co-president of the International Peace Bureau in Geneva. Reiner Braun lives and works in Berlin.

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