The Hydra’s Heads — Radicalization

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Radicalization, twisting, corruption of values

There is not a single well-meaning concept, no movement that does not turn into a playground for doctrinaires and fanatics. Often they do not even seem keen on the matter, but appear to be interested in sowing as much disharmony as possible whilst unabashedly rebuking others.

From feminism to revenge fantasies

Positive feminism strives to leave behind the centuries of disregard for women in public, in legal texts, and in our minds, and to achieve an equal cooperation with men.

In this sense, the envisaged emancipation would be a common one, based on exchange and reciprocal inspiration, one that does not liberate women from men, nor put them solely in charge, but deliver both sexes from a doctrine of separation, constraints, and mutual distrust.

What has become of feminism though — or at least the voice which is heard most loudly (because stupidity, unfortunately, does not slow itself down with incidentalities like reflection) is, however, a completely different, practically opposite message. It is an attempt to turn the tables, to devalue and to threaten. This attitude completely undermines positive feminism, and can probably be said to have already dealt it the final blow.

There is also no official distancing, as there is no competent body, instead it is left to each and every one to come up with their own interpretation and implementation of the concept. It is quite impossible to commit to a movement so vaguely defined that it encompasses and tolerates some completely opposing (and partly absurd as well as profoundly sexist) views.

At the same time, however, I do not wish to dissociate myself altogether from feminism, because I very much stand for its positive values and would also consider it a betrayal of all the courageous and wonderful women who struggled without any bitterness, for real equality at a time when this step could have had very serious consequences. So what does positive feminism mean to me, personally?

A striving for freedom from oppression for all women (and in many places the state of affairs is frightening); an end to imposed role models for both sexes, while at the same time respecting the actual differences; the possibility to have children without slipping into the poverty trap (from getting sidelined and stuck in badly paid jobs); an end to the alimony payments which create endless discontent and instead a basic measure of self-evident financial security for all; an end to the embarrassment and degradation of female sexuality, a judiciary and a youth welfare office that are designed to provide real help, affordable mediation and family therapy, and … and … and …

It is quite easy to summarize: fairness to all.

Masculinism (whose positive core concerns by no means contradict those of feminism, but merely have a different focus), just as feminism, should be nothing more than a partial aspect of a philosophy that strives for genuine reconciliation and respect. Instead of arguing like good kids about the topics put on our plates, we should rather laugh out loud at the attempt to separate something as so obviously complementary, both mentally and physically, as the two sexes.

From Marxism to Communism

The positive side of the basic idea is that, divided into local areas of co-operation, community householding and the upkeep of shared facilities are performed in a collaborative manner, while a long-term distribution system handles matters in a larger context (above all, the life cycle of goods which imply a high production and disposal effort and thus can only be managed in co-operation).

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