He who isn’t a learner does not qualify to teach

For almost a year now I am teaching 2 modules of Digital Marketing in CMA Academy / MAD School. It is a school under Council of Private Education (CPE)

Though I was doing a lot of corporate training, I had never seen myself as a teacher until someone began to call me “Cher” in school.

Now, looking back, there are 3 things I realized about teaching:

1. Fulfullment. Teaching is a noble profession of giving, coaching and nurturing others over an extended period of time on a consistent level. It is something so rewarding you cannot use compensation to measure it. When students see lessons as an experience and not as a routine, the joy is unspeakable.

2. Learning. When I teach, I learn twice. I begin to be the first student to explore new knowledge and internalizing it before I impart the knowledge and the insights. When I interact with my students, I learn thrice. He who isn’t a learner does not qualify to teach at all.

3. Time Consciousness. It is often said an effective manager is someone who is great in time management. What’s more crucial as a teacher is Time Consciousness. It is only when he realize the intimate passing of time for each day that he is concern about the progress of his students’ learning journey.

So to all the real teachers in schools, to all my past great teachers of my life, to all the great mentors who crossed my path, I like to wish all of you a Happy Teacher’s Day!

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