The Hammer Pitch (yes that was its nickname)

In June of 2015 I had the privilege of entering the Techalliance 60 Second Pitch Competition. I did well, not as well as I’d hoped for, but still pretty good, I came in 3rd. The 1st and 2nd place pitches were both from large, established companies, with brand managers, marketing groups and a defined message. I wrote mine at my kitchen table, and asked a few friends what they though, so I don’t think 3rd isn’t so bad.

I honestly don’t know how much of that corporate access played into the other pitches, but it makes me feel better to think that it did.

I actual wrote about 5 pitches, sent them to friends gathered some input then refined from there. The one that I ended up going with was nicknamed “The Hammer” as early on I use a hammer as an example of an effective tool. As a side note, if you’re ever unsure about a nickname for anything, use “hammer” or “the hammer” it works, always.

Below you’ll find the the video for my pitch and the judges responses. I’ve also included my original script.

I’d also like to thank Anna Foat @annafoat for the excellent workshop prior to the competition.

The Hammer Pitch (yes that was its nickname)

Do you know what I like about a hammer?

Its intuitive.

It’s a tool.

A computer is suppose to be a tool, but I bet you spend more time working the tool, then the tool works for you.

Motus simplifies and enhances your digital life

Motus is first a LARGE trackpad, that actually gives you space to work

Second Motus allows for in-air gestures, not that one.

Third Motus is wireless. With both Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

If you’re a Designer, or content creator, Motus allows you to pan, zoom, rotate, and fly through toolbars at speeds you’ve never worked at before.

If you’re performing Motus allows you to flip, through slides or tracks, adjust tempo or volume with the wave of your hand,

And if you find a mouse an annoyance, or obstacle Motus breaks the reliance of this relic.

With Motus you can move beyond the mouse.

We’re launching an IndieGoGo campaign later this year. When you see it, share it and offer your support, You can sign up now for our newsletter at M O T U S — 3 D dot com

Here’s the quick link if you’d like to sign up and learn more about Motus

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