I’m just a realist.
Patrick T. Maloney

A lot of people don’t think it’s a fight over nothing. A lot of people think it’s a fight over the soul of the Democratic Party.

There’s a huge difference between this election and ’08. Hillary Clinton would be the very first Democratic nominee with a net unfavourable rating in the polls. Do you realise how vulnerable a candidate that makes her?

There’s a lot of pledged delegates still to be decided. Bernie’s proven in the last month that he can win by the margins necessary to win a majority of pledged delegates. If he gets a majority of pledged delegates, Bill Clinton himself says he’ll switch his support to Bernie. All the others will follow suit.

You keep saying you’re a realist. You’re not. A realist lives in the present, and accepts that the future contains a range of possible outcomes, not just one.

Like I say, the more Hillary’s campaign acts like she’s won prematurely, the more of an impression she creates that she takes the voters for granted, the more danger she puts her campaign in. You’re doing exactly that, but the scene is set from the candidate herself.

As for the Democratic Party…Bernie leads in national polls. Want to take back Congress? You better pick the strongest candidate, the one who can muster the enthusiasm necessary to affect downticket races. Hillary, with such high unfavourables, is not that candidate.