Ditto. I spar with some Bernie supporters on FB.
Patrick T. Maloney

My view on Sanders is that he has the potential to use the bully pulpit to advance his agenda because he carries a lot of moral authority. His first two years might be tough going, but I think he’s savvy enough to craft an agenda that drives a wedge between the donors and constituents of members of Congress. If he does that, and he uses those two years as party leader to reinforce his agenda, I can see the House and the Senate going blue in 2018. So I can see the second half of his first term being very successful.

As for Hillary…if she gets the nomination, I’d hold my nose and vote for her. Honestly though, I think she’ll depress turnout and have very little chance of taking back Congress for the Democratic Party.

She’s fiscally conservative, and hawkish on foreign policy, which means that she’ll have plenty of overlap between her agenda and the agenda of the GOP’s congressional delegation. That means she’ll get a lot more done than President Obama. Will I like any of that? Probably not. Will she do anything on campaign finance reform? Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas.

Sanders aside, is she the least worst candidate? Most definitely. Does that fill me with optimism? Not at all.