Beyond the Bullshit of Dualisms
Joe Brewer

No. Sorry, but social sciences is not a natural science.

Human behaviour is neurological. The human brain is possibly the most complex system in the universe. The diversity of behaviours made possible by this complexity is potentially infinite.

Natural science performs repeatable experiments that reveal natural laws that are fundamental to nature.

Human behaviour is not subject to such immutability. That’s why experimental psychology is facing a crisis of repeatability.

I want to be clear here. Social sciences has a purpose. Experiments in the field of social behaviour can reveal a lot of useful information. However, that information comes with a serious caveat. Human behaviour can and does vary spectacular. Cultural changes occur, sometimes to a huge degree and sometimes extremely rapidly.

There are no laws of human behaviour. Only tendencies conditional upon a host of factors. Social science can document these, BUT since it canmot reveal fundamental laws of nature, it cannot be regarded as a natural science. Contrary to the name it has acquired, social sciences may be more properly categorised as a humanities subject.