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Right. But disallowing party registration at any time after a point long before the campaign even begins is not just undemocratic. It’s stupid. If the Democrats want to attract people to the party, then the best mechanism of persuasion they have is through election campaigns. Having successfully persuaded membera of the public of the merits of the Democratic Party through the campaign, many states then present those newly persuaded voters with a shut door.

If the purpose is to restrict the democratic process to a privileged group of people who have ‘paid their dues’ to the party by being affiliated for a minimum amount of time, that goal is achieved. If however, the purpose is to advance an agenda by making as many people as possible feel welcome to be part of the team effort, the Democratic Party fails spectacularly.

THIS is why the Democrats suck at taking Congress. THIS is why they lose so many state elections just in time to lose power when boundaries are redrawn.

By shutting people out, by ‘protecting’ the party from outside influence and ideas, the party has become stagnant, unappealing, and out of touch with America.

The rules are there for a reason. That reason is stupid. The proof is in the Congressional pudding. No Democratic majorities in 6 years. Likely none for another 6 at least.

You’ve heard the term ‘liberal élitist’ right? That’s what your attitude stinks of. No wonder so many blue collar Americans vote against their own interests for the GOP. The likes of yourself treat them with an unbelievably patronising disdain.

Being part of the Democratic Party shouldn’t be a privilege you have to be ultra clued in to be a part of. It should be something the Party desperately tries to encourage. It should be as accessible as possible. It should make newcomers feel welcome. That’s the ONLY way the Democratic Party can start winning Congress and state legislatures and governorships back.

Unless you prefer to keep the riff raff out. In which case, enjoy perpetual minority, at every level of government, because whatever else you say about the GOP, and I could say a lot, they aren’t so stupid as to think they’re too smart to have to attract voters.

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