Okay. Let’s see if I remember where I was going with this.
Sarah VV

So that’s one way of closing the gender spread in STEM subjects. Raise awareness about the huge variety of different paths which branch off from the stem. One way of doing that is by including coding, but you’re obviously right to say that’s an arbitrarily blinkered thing to get too focussed in on.

You’re right about careers advice in schools. I don’t think anywhere does it particularly effectively.

My school was very much split…either you were arts or sciences. I was better at sciences, but I liked arts better, so that’s where I went. I look back & I wish there had been a much more interdisciplinary approach, because that’s really the way things have evolved in the economy. Just as an example, in music I now spend more time at a computer than I do with my instrument. Which is suprising to me.

So from the point of view of one subject getting all the attention at the expense of the broader picture of different skill sets and diverse career paths, I totally agree with what you’re saying.

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