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Sorry, but you’re deluded. A national economy is not like your household budget. It simply doesn’t follow the same rules. It doesn’t function in the same way. You know how I know? Because Herbert Hoover tried what you suggest when the Wall Street Crash of ’29 happened. He cut spending. Guess what happened? He made a banking crisis into the Great Depression.

Look at it this way. When you look up at the sky, it appears as though the sun goes around the earth, doesn’t it? But it doesn’t. It’s the other way around. Sometimes what seems like common sense is just flat out wrong.

FDR solved the Great Depression. You know how? He spent as much money as possible. The debt incurred by the economy was easily paid off after it sputtered back into life. The economy needs momentum in order to grow. Your prescription for the economy would have caused a second Great Depression.

Economics is not something you can understand with common sense. I can understand you’re angry, and you think you’re righteous. But don’t climb up on your high horse if you haven’t learned to ride. You make a damned fool of yourself. Study the way things work, stop pissing on the educated, and stop deluding yourself into thinking your ignorance doesn’t preclude you from knowing better than everyone else.

Sorry, but you obviously have too much self esteem, and I believe somebody needed to remind you that you’re a loser.

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