Visioneering 1.0

You must imagine yourself into the fulfilment of your future desires.

I have used the word visioneering a couple of times in the past without truly understanding the conceptual process of visioneering. Sandra Gallagher reintroduced me to the concept and I have meditated on the word ever since. Sandy define visioneering as ‘where you truly begin to create your world and you do it through the effective use of your higher faculties.’

Visioneering for me is persistently and intentionally imagining your truly desired results into physical manifestation. By placing a demand of what you truly want through writing out your vision, you are employing your imagination higher faculty and then visualization using your willpower to hold your vision/images in your mind. Here is the 3 stage process of visioneering:

1. Have a vision-Create a vision of what you truly want

2. Imagine your vision-Use your will power to hold on to the image in your mind. Use vision board, book , screen savers, display images on your phone to constantly inscribe the image on your mind. Have a clear picture of what you want in the present as if it has already happened

3. Emotionalise your vision-Create and experience the feelings you would have when your vision is actualised. Feel the feelings each time you imagine your vision

When you consciously practise and employ this visioneering process, you become a deliberate creator living life intentionally regardless of your current circumstances.

What is your first visioneering project for the year?

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