How to Eat Organic Without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket

For the last few decades or so you have been eating fruits and veggies that are fresh with layers of even fresher pesticides on it. Did you smile? No, and that is what has brought organic food to the markets. For those of you who are yet to unveil the goodness of organic food, these are foods that are grown without any genetic modification! This clears all doubt on the goodness of these products and many people might have already made up their mind to replace every meal with these. But if you have set foot in your local supermarket to buy any of it, you would know you cannot buy it without emptying your bank account! No, you don’t have to settle with the chemical induced food varieties, rather you just need smart shopping hacks that we have brought for you here, check them out!

Prioritize Items

Spending on organic veggies and dairy seems totally money worthy but you don’t have to extend it to everything. Buying organic ketchup, that you will ingest a spoonful in a week is not going to make much difference on your overall health. So you can skip these parts and save some bucks for the real meals.

Buy As Per Season

Winters allow you to gorge on fresh cauliflower, eggplant, turnips, cabbage, lettuce etc. These are the seasonal veggies and you will easily find their organic versions at affordable prices. Going for the off season produce is bound to be expensive due to its less availability so shop smart and be flexible!

Buy From Farmer’s Market

Buying your stock of fresh veggies and fruits from the farmer’s market directly reduces the risk of ingesting more chemicals. The reason being that the food has not traveled far as compared to the ones you buy off the grocery store. They may not be fully organic but certainly have less chemicals and have their freshness intact!

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Look For Coupons

The trend of organic food is relatively new and it is obvious that a few years ago you never saw any discount coupons for them. But with their increasing popularity, many companies offer discounts and incentives for the consumers to increase sales. Visit their websites and keep track of their offers to save huge bucks and still eat organic!

Grab Sales

These are not branded apparels that have off season sales, but many companies put organic foods on sale. All you have to do is keep an eye on these sales, make price comparisons among brands and stock up organic foods during sales. This will ensure that you spend way less for the healthy organic varieties than you spent for the chemical ones, good deal, right?

Bulk Buying

Buying foods in bulk does not mean that you buy big packets weighing a 50–100 kg of veggies and fruits. They will rot but you can buy your stock of grains, nuts and dried fruits that will stay for longer time. Also buying bigger amounts from open sacks reduces your costs on packaging. So this way you are sure to stock up some good food at lesser prices, totally worth a try!

Re-Make Food Budget

Spending money on fresh and chemical free nutritious fruits and veggies is way better than on sugar and carb loaded treats. These things will do no good to your health and just put a burden on your pocket. So its totally practical to cut off your money allowance set aside for cookies and use it instead for buying organic foods.

Grow Yourself

What is more trustworthy in organic foods than a serving you grew yourself in your kitchen garden? Its inexpensive as well as totally organic as you have the power to not spray chemicals on your produce. Start small with easy to grow, less effort requiring veggies like tomatoes and turnip. Eat fresh and organic straight from your very own garden!

Shop smart with these tricks to save big bucks on organic foods. Eat fresh and pesticide free and stay healthy. You can also sign up for our organic Indian diet plan for weight loss and stay extra fit!