Hyperthyroidism Diet Plan: Foods That Destroy Thyroid

Thyroid is a gland present in the neck that produces hormones that plays a great role in regulating growth and development by managing the metabolism. Thyroid problem affects millions of people all around the globe, every year. Thyroid problems can be from a harmless looking goitre to hyperthyroidism that occurs due to production of excessive thyroid hormone and hypothyroidism that occurs due to insufficient production of thyroid hormone.

Hyperthyroidism is a major problem that has number of causes and luckily number of treatments. Various Hyperthyroidism symptoms are Fatigue, mood swings, hand tremors, dry skin, weight loss, anxiety etc. Though, the effects can be uncomfortable and unpleasant, this thyroid problem can be managed well by taking proper care of it and by following a proper hyperthyroidism diet plan.

Below listed are some foods that must be consumed in order to cure thyroid.

  1. Almonds:

Almonds provide very powerful nutrients that are needed to cure thyroid. Although, all nuts are rich source of proteins, vitamins and minerals but almonds combine a perfect quality values of zinc, iron, selenium, zinc, vitamin B and high amount of protein.

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2. Turkey:

Turkey is a rich source of proteins and selenium that are must to cure Thyroid problems. Iron and amino acids are also present in turkey that are essential for thyroid.

3. Beans:

Beans are excellent source of vitamins B and C and are also great source of zinc and iron. Consuming beans will help to cure thyroid.

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4. Fish:

Fish is a good source of dietary iodine with amazing benefits of fatty acids and Omega-3 that are useful in healing hearts. Deep fish sea like cod and haddock must be consumed by thyroid patients.

5. Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil contains fatty acids that are needed for proper metabolic functions. Coconuts are excellent food and its oil has been used for healing purposes for a long long time. Coconut oil is easily absorbed by the body, thus contributing to the proper thyroid function.

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6. Leafy vegetables:

Dark green and leafy vegetables like Kale, Swiss chard, spinach, mustard, etc are all great source of iron, vitamin B, A, C and D. These foods supply nutrients that thyroid needs and also protect overall health of the person.

7. Dairy products:

Consuming Dairy products like eggs, yogurt, milk, cheese, etc contributes to healthy iodine levels. In fact, eggs are the best source of iodine as they contain 16% of recommended daily value.

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With combination of proper hyperthyroidism diet and exercise, you will be able to cure thyroid problems. Exercising will stimulate your thyroid gland to secrete thyroid hormone in moderation that will eventually lead to the cure of thyroid problems. Walk, jog, run, cardio core building etc can be done in order to heal thyroid problems.