Ultimate Diet Plan for Fast Weight Loss

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Mar 17, 2018 · 4 min read

Transformation is good. But just look yourself in the mirror, you are on your way to compete with Hulk by gaining some extra weight each day. Feeling sad by reading this but it’s true. Your belly is bulging out and your thighs are becoming sofa. If they are not becoming than one day they will. If you don’t take care of yourself you will be a Sumo wrestler soon. But, we really care about you and if you had reached to this stuff than it clearly tells your concern about your health. This is your first step toward fit and healthy body and with our tips we will help you to get perfect body again. The Ayurvedic kapha diet is equal to a weight loss diet or weight balancing diet. Now have a look at some weight loss diet plan for women and get that body figure which you had dreamed about.

Adding the Element of Fire

To increase your metabolism means conversion of food into energy. Kapha means the dominance of fire, water and earth elements which helps in stimulating metabolism. You can achieve this by drinking warm water during winters. This will increase metabolism and will burn the fat easily. You win some you loose some that’s the law of Karma. To gain fat is easy and without our concerns it only shows it’s worst results by changing the shape of body. Whereas, to loose that same extra pounds requires self control and patience.

Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Enjoyed your whole life by eating chips, stale food and unhealthy packaged food, which gave you in return a gift of extra fat. Whole life you just hated the Ayurvedic products due to their bitterness and distastefulness. But, remember one thing that most healthy things don’t tastes good. So, let’s begin your journey from fat to fit.

* Breakfast: Always your mother had struggled you to feed by saying eat like a king. Now, it’s right time to drink like Yogi’s, Baba’s and The Holy Saints. The special ginger tea or a cup of hot lemon honey water only when you are empty stomach. Along with it, try a brew of fruits like apples, pears or berries. You can also try out the next best option of buckwheat muffin or a oats bowl with some little amount of honey. Enjoy your morning meal.

* Lunch: Finally, a good news for you. This will gonna yours largest meal of the day. But, to make it more special presenting you the best plan. Just go through it,

Half: Avoid vegetables that contain starch. For e.g. Lettuce, bean sprouts, spinach, carrots, okra, cauliflowers, and turnips.

One Fourth: Have whole grains food which contains large amount of energy. The best will be Basmati rice, polenta, barley, guinoa, buckwheat and millet.

One fourth: Protein enrich food such as, chicken, freshwater fish, eggs and beans.

* Evening Snack: It’s a snack time so grab the baked apples with cinnamon, kale chips, sunflower or pumpkin seeds, dried fruits like apricots, raisins and cranberries.

* Dinner: Vegetable soups containing some fenugreek, ginger, turmeric, cumin or pepper. If still want to eat something than you can eat the few portion mentioned in the lunch.

* Dessert: Like chocolates, love Halwa the sweet pudding, love Gulabjamun and the credit goes to these all sweets which made you look like a Laddu. This time balance your sweet extract in you diet. Only drink a cup of milk that is low in fat with a pinch of cinnamon or saffron in it. Goat milk, Soy and rice milk are also few best choices in desserts.

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Tips for Mindful Eating

During getting the nutrition from healthy food. We do some sort of mistakes. We should avoid those things for perfect body curves. Go through these pointers and follow them for the sake of getting a perfect Angelina Jolie kind of figure. Seems impossible but yet possible with your strong determination to get transformed.

- Avoid foods with excess of salt, sweet and sour.

- Leafy veggies are your best friends even try to have pungent, astringent and bitter foods like endives and grapefruit.

- Avoid fermented foods and recall the Kapha importance.

- Avoid the raw products and accept the light cooked food.

- Comfort foods will only make you a lethargic and fatty person.

Click your present picture and paste it in the front of your eyes. Now, take an oath that you will achieve your target to become slim, fit and fabulous.

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