Serena Williams Isn’t Yours To Love
Ezinne Ukoha

I know McEnroe a little. I worked on his failed talk show back in the day. He’s performing here. He has a new book he’s flogging, and to ramp up sales he felt the need to to adopt the “bad boy” persona to appeal to his audience and sell more books. That being said, he has ZERO business bringing Serena into his mess. Do I believe he truly respects her accomplishments? Yes. But the sad fact is he’s USING HER to get attention. His career has long since faded into insignificance, so he’s climbing on Serena’s back to reach the finish line. She deftly brushed that annoying gnat off her shoulder and kept it moving. THAT is the sign of a TRUE CHAMPION. If he got his head out of his own ass he could learn a thing or two from Serena about how to take care of business. But don’t count on it.

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