Idiotbox Watcher — I don’t think a couple bad shows add up to an epic FAIL on Netflix’s part.
D.r. Darke

My feelings about those shows have ZERO to do with who’s the lead or whether they are male or female centric. I form an opinion based on what I see on the screen. All three of those shows are just bad IMO, whether it be the writing, the casting, or overall quality. Something is changing within Netflix. Since they don’t divulge viewership, it probably has to do with the amount paid out in content vs. the return they are getting. Bailing on shows like The Get Down because it costs too much might be true, or it might be a smokescreen for another reason. We’ll probably never know. As long as they keep the monthly subscription rate low, people will flock to the service. I don’t really binge watch that much. I like to think about and process what I just saw, rather than jump into another episode 30 seconds later. They would have been much better served by bringing back Agent Carter instead of launching Iron Fist. But the comic thing is big, and it’s a guaranteed draw, which means more subscribers and more $$. I’m all for anti heroes, both male and female, just make sure they are written well. Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul center around male anti heroes, but they are extremely well written, showing both the good and the bad sides of their nature. Both also have strong women pushing back against the leads bad behavior. Do the same with a female anti hero and it will win Emmy awards all day long. I just didn’t see that in Girlboss or Gypsy.

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