Why the Hair-Shaming of Young Black Girls is a Criminal Offense
Ezinne Ukoha

While it is in no way a comparison to your dilemma, when I was a little kid my alcoholic, redneck dad made my brother and me get the military buzz cut-so I basically had NO hair for the first 10 years of my life-we looked like prison refugees. Then, when he deemed it was OK for us to actually have some hair, he insisted that my hair be parted on the side like his. The problem was my natural part was (and still is) straight down the middle, and no amount of forcing and pulling by the barber would tame my natural part. My tears and pain with the yanking and pulling and the greasy glop ladled on my hair made no impression on him: I would have a side part or be damned! My protest was met with a beating, so my complaining stopped pretty quickly. After 3 years of looking like I had been electrocuted, he relented and allowed my hair to be as it was intended. I never got why he wanted to exhibit such control over how I looked, but I imagine his alcoholism and general self loathing contributed to it. So, while my story certainly pales in comparison to yours, crazy hair shit can happen to anyone(even white folks). And btw your hair, whether natural, gray, braided, or otherwise. is YOU and is beautiful.

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