No Escape


Owen Wilson (I refuse to acknowledge him by the name of his character) and his family travel to a nation in Southern Asia for his job. His wife (played by the lovely Lake Bell, call me) and two daughters aren’t very excited and even though he won’t admit it to himself, neither is he. The good news is his company is doing good, providing clean drinking water for those in need. When they arrive they find the TV and phones to be out. Wilson goes out to the market to retrieve a newspaper and accidentally walks into a revolt by the people against the police. He puts two and two together and realizes they’re killing foreigners, and would you look at that, his family fits the bill. Annie (Lake Bell, call me) and Owen Wilson struggle to survive and escape an entire country that seems against them. Toss their kids into the equation (who will make you want to pull your hair out) and it’s not looking too great.


Owen Wilson proves again that he can take on a serious role and absolutely nail it. His performance as a father trying to keep his family safe is well-delivered and he genuinely makes you care for his family (which is saying something given those kids). Lake Bell (call me) portrays the role of a mother who followed her husband for his job and gave up what she wanted spot-on and holds her own. Kids sucked, but that could be due to the script/director so I won’t go into that. I enjoyed the film, two scenes particularly stood out that will absolutely gather your full undivided attention. One featuring Owen Wilson throwing his kids to safety off the roof to another building, and the other I can’t reveal, but takes the film to a dark place. All in all I give it a 6.5/10, I would watch it again, but it could be better. Mind you, that’s a good score in my books.


These films always scare me for my (hopefully non-impending) fatherhood. The movie makes sure to get the point across that the children don’t understand the predicament that they find themselves in, and make it tougher for Wilson by a thousand-fold. In the most primitive sense of the parental role, your function is to protect your children. Personally if I was their parent though?

Joking… I think.

Hope you enjoyed this, the film is currently streaming on HBO.

(Big S/O to my fellow HBO boiiiiiiiis)

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