The Forest


Sara, played by Game of Thrones own Natalie Dormer (call me), wakes up from a nightmare of her identical twin sister, Jess, in trouble. Knowing something’s wrong, and being unable to reach her, she flies out to Japan to find her. Once there, she learns that her sister was last seen entering Aokigahara Forest, better known to the locals as “Suicide Forest”. Located on Mt. Fuji, people come to end their lives here, but the forest holds its own darker secrets. She seeks to enter the forest, but is warned by locals to stay on the path. The forest is notorious for getting people lost. Sara enlists the help of Aiden (Taylor Kinney), a friendly journalist who is familiar with a man who walks through the forest daily to report bodies and attempt to save those who are unsure, who is willing to act as their guide. The three travel together to search for Jess, and along the way voices and noises are heard. They find Jess’ tent, with clear signs that she was recently there, but she’s nowhere to be found. Sara decides to spend the night there to wait for Jess but the guide warns her that it’s a terrible idea. At night the spirits of the forest are said to come out. Unable to sway her, Aiden decides to stay to cover the story. The guide begs them both to stay in the tent and not move, he’ll come back for them tomorrow morning. Sara hears something in the middle of the night and decides to run to find it, thinking it’s Jess. She’s mistaken and has gone off the path. Don’t go off the path.


Natalie Dormer (call me) explores dual-person acting in this film, playing both Sara and her identical sister Jess. Personally I enjoyed it, but it definitely came across as slightly cheesy. That being said, it could always be worse. Case in point.

Plenty of jump-scares in this film, but feels like a deeper plot was lacking. Shame, the premise was great, but perhaps just poorly executed. This film is infuriating, but aren’t all horrors the same? The ending didn’t leave me very pleased, but I suppose it fits. All in all, 4.5/10, I don’t think I would watch this movie again, but I don’t regret watching it either. It was certainly entertaining, and I always show mad love for anything pertaining to Game of Thrones (Emilia Clarke, if you’re reading this, it’s you, it’s always been you, she means nothing to me)

(If she isn’t reading this then call me @ Natalie Dormer).


Horrors are always fun, mostly due to the separation from the scene. I really don’t mess with haunted houses, wouldn’t be surprised if I punch somebody out of reflex next time I go. I personally enjoy these films, but I know they’re not for everyone. Just an FYI, when I was watching the Conjuring 2, I actually ripped a hole in my popcorn bag at the ending jump-scare.

If you’re looking for a movie that will scare you will you’re watching it but won’t haunt you in your dreams, bingo.

Hope you enjoyed this, This film is currently streaming on HBO.

(HBO boiiiiiiis)

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