Saakashvili did not receive Hahn’s assurances that ‘interim’ Groysman’s Cabinet resigns in 2017…

Many Ukrainians and their foreign partners have been dissatisfied with a new Cabinet of Ministers appointed after Yatsenyuk’s resignation. The main critic of the government is Mikheil Saakashvili who currently holds office of Odesa Region’s Governor.

Saakashvili considers that new ministers have been appointed by agreement with oligarchs who are not interested in democratic and anti-corruption reforms. Apparently, to one extent or another, influential European politicians share this opinion, too. Saakashvili’s letter to Johannes Hahn has been uploaded on the Internet , which includes the situation assessment and alternative solutions of Ukrainian problem.

Despite the fact that Austrian media have denied the authenticity of this appeal , its very appearance shows us that disputes between Ukrainian reformers and oligarchic clans have turned into a full-scale information war. At the same time, the both sides actively appeal to high-ranking European and American officials as the final word rests with them in seeking to resolve political and personnel matters in Ukraine.

Mikheil Saakashvili is not the only one to openly launch a challenge against Volodymyr Groysman’s government. Serious opposition is also in offing among the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. Now in the governmental coalition there are only two parliamentary parties. Others present a massive opposition that is ready to try getting not cosmetic, but fundamental changes.

Judging by the actual statements of Ukrainian and European politicians as well as representatives of international financial structures and according to informational throw-ins, you may find it is true that there are tacit agreements between opposing parties and representatives of the democratic community in Ukraine. It may also be a just opinion that in accordance with these agreements, Poroshenko’s team has only a year left for transferring authority from oligarchs to reformers. At the end of this period, under the control of the West the government will be formed, and it’ll be free of corrupt ties and influence of oligarchic capital. Thus, reformers from Yatsenyuk’s Cabinet were saved just for this government. Certainly, Saakashvili will also try to take some part in the upcoming structural change of Ukraine’s political elite.

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