Hold That L Bro

We’ve all see it before. The agonizing image of Micheal Jordan, a six time NBA Champion, tearing profusely has made its rounds around the twitter sphere for the past two years. The image, which symbolises the overwhelming feeling of “Taking an L”, which is just a way of saying you’ve lost, has blown up to the point where it has gotten out of hand. Although it symbolises and “L”, the story behind that image is quite the opposite. Back in 2009 during the NBA Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, Micheal Jordan went up to the podium and delivered a very heartfelt speech looking back at his successful NBA career. The moment where he was tearing was heralded as one of the only times besides winning a championship where he’s shown such emotions.

But sometimes we forget, this is the internet and somehow someway, this beautiful moment has become essentially a comedic theme online. This just shows us how powerful the internet can be. A random post or joke online can expand to the point of universal recognition and we’ve seen this with a number of memes.

Memes in general surfaced sometime around 2011 and at first was considered something simple and hilariously unique, but overtime the internet has become over-saturated with a huge multitude of really bland and unoriginal memes. But the crying Jordan meme is different. It is different because it can be used in almost any type of situation and is one of the reasons why it has become so popular.

In the end, as much as we respect Micheal Jordan as an iconic, once in a generation type player and person. This is probably one of the few things we’re all sure he wishes he could take back. Hold that L bro.



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