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I was always familiar with Audacity prior to the making of this article, what I didn’t know was how different it was from most other software's. In my spare time I like to try and create hip-hop beats, mainly using FruityLoops Studio which is a rather more intricate program to use than most beat-making software. I found that Audacity was rather easier to use than FL Studio as well as have nice features. Getting around the main menus and looking through the already pre-installed sounds was rather laughable, but that was expected since I was not to import any sounds before writing this.

The Four Components that originated HipHop

In terms of ownership, I found that many of the sounds in this programs were unlicensed, thus allowing for the average person to make a beat without running into any legal trouble of sorts. The program of course also had an import option and plug-in feature, which enables users to import their own sounds whether they are vocals, recorded instruments, or digitally engineered. The track editing feature was one that I found to be far more simple to use than the one that I normally use with FL Studio. This feature allows you change the pitch of whatever sound you wish to alter, which is normally a more complicated task of FL.

What I thought was somewhat disappointing with this program was the trackline ( the part where you see the sounds you place). I found it to looks aesthetically unappealing and also very chunky. This caused for a rather annoying experience since you would have to scroll down more to be able to see the entirety of the sounds that you are placing. This also lead to more mistakes and having to undo a lot of drag and drops.

The one thing that I liked about this was the fact that it was free. FruityLoops is a very expensive program that most people can’t afford unless they are really passionate about making music (I got the program through…well). Audacity is what I would call a great startup program for anyone looking to make some beats. Although it has its flaws, I found it overall to be great for the value.


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