The Cloud: In the Sky

Technology has evolved at such an outstanding rate. A few years ago if somebody were to explain “The Cloud” to you, you’re only response would be “What? How?”. Well, allow me to enlighten you people. The cloud is basically a term used in the digital realm that is used to describe the storage of date online and not in your typical computers hard drive.

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“Why on earth would I upload my data somewhere I don’t know”? This is probably what you are asking yourself right now and the easy explanation is because — efficiency. In today’s rapidly changing market, the amount of data is only increasing and to accommodate all this information, many online tech companies have build cloud system, which is just a way of saying there are servers located somewhere in the world that can hold millions of times more data than your typical computer can. A few other lesser effects of the Cloud is that it replaces the need for paper (Yay! Saving the environment!).

Not the Actual Cloud

Now while all this is dandy, the cloud does come with some reasonable risk. I mean after all, you are uploading data (personal data included) on a hard drive somewhere in the world that you may not even know. So this breeds the question of security. There is definitely a sizeable risk factor on the cloud. At any given time there are hundreds of hackers all attempting to crack the security of these servers and sometimes, they actually succeed. This was noted when Sony went down back in 2013 after PSN (Playstation Network) was hacked and dozens of people had their credit card information exposed to malicious individuals online. Nonetheless, these companies do put alot of emphasis on security and do all that is humanely possible to protect their clients intel.

So, you’ve heard the good and the bad. In the near future, it is likely that everything will become digitised altogether, so you better get used to hearing the “cloud” a lot.


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