Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a SEO Company in Nigeria

According to the Internet World Stats, Nigeria is Africa’s largest digital market both in terms of overall users and Internet penetration, which measures those users against a country’s population.

With that in mind, businesses of all sizes have been adopting some of the digital marketing products and services popular in other world markets, such as the US, the UK, Europe and Asia.

The first, and most important item of the digital marketing campaign is a company’s website.

Whether you are selling goods or services online or out of a brick and mortar store your website acts as your storefront and the first digital interface with your brand. An effective website can have a massive impact on your company’s overall performance.
But even the best websites are of little use if no one knows they exist. This is where search engines like Google come in to play. If used correctly, optimizing your website for search engines, could increase the amount of traffic to your website and grow your business.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) means that your website will be found easier by prospective clients or customers who search for your goods and services online. We’ve all used search engines to help us find things on the Internet. You go on to Google and you type in whatever it is you happen to be looking for and voila! pages full of results come up relating to your search.

Usually the ones at the very top of the page are paid ads. As the name implies, companies pay to have their goods and services appear at the top of these pages. The first results underneath these paid adverts are the organic results. These comprise of companies whose websites are both relevant and popular to your search terms.

Because even the best websites only convert around 15% of visitors to paying customers generating as much traffic as possible is mandatory if we want to grow our business. Research suggests that being in the top-five results guarantees consistent and constant traffic to your website, falling outside of these top spots offers virtually no benefit.

RDM has helped many companies increase traffic to their site, increasing their revenue and market share. As one of the leading SEO Companies in Nigeria

Some of our best examples of SEO successes are Pahek Security Services, which has seen more than a 500% increase in traffic to their website after employing RDM to handle their SEO campaign. Other winners include Zedvance Limited, Strong Flavours Catering, Lacasera and Parasol Integrated Services. Each of these businesses have increased traffic to their website and conversion rates through successful SEO campaigns. Ultimately this increased and higher quality traffic positively impacted their revenue and market share, making them stronger, more competitive brands.

To find out more about Search Engine Optimisation and to see how it can help your business gain more from the rapidly expanding digital market place contact RDM today. You can email us at or call us on +234 1 295 1053. We delight in helping businesses grow online.