Why Your Business Needs SEO

First of all, one thing is quite sure if you really want to play well online , you must be ready to do almost everything right to be seen and found at every point in time when the services you offer is needed by any online user within your target market.

Whenever a user hits the search button on Google , the beauty of it is to not find you wanting on the first page of search results. Yes! Do not be found wanting!

Getting found online is no magic, do you know that? It is strategic and at the same time systematic.

Learning and attempting to make your website rank top on organic search results is really the magic trick that can put your right in front of your target customer.

Don’t get it twisted at all, SEO is the real thing! Most web users after hitting the search button make swift for mostly organic results, especially the first 1–5 results on the first page.

Now, what do you need to know about SEO before choosing a SEO company or agency in Nigeria.

There are several SEO agencies in Nigeria , but only a few do it well. RDM Africa has a few cases to prove .

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an online marketing strategy aimed at increasing the visibility of your website on organic results on search engines. It is an online marketing technique done to get your website found when a search related to what you do is done on search engine.

What it is simply all about.

Google algorithm considers more than 200 factors in deciding the ranking of any website. Below are salient elements of any SEO strategy:

  • Technical — Build responsive ,SEO friendly but user-friendly website, logical structure, easy to crawl, good size, fast load time, hosting and many other factors are noteworthy. These are the underlying basics.
  • Content — Content is King! Do you agree? Content is the lifeblood of the web. Like Dbanj once said ; “Content is the new crude”The current web space is a content-centric space. Both human and machine interaction is enhanced by nourishing content. Without content, websites can’t perform in organic search. Feeding your website with quality and fresh content is sine-qua-non…. Infact , it’s no brainer.

Build FAQ driven content rather than self promotion. Content that elicit responses and adds value to your audience helps boost the visibility of your website in organic search results. Remember you are talking to humans and not machines.

  • User Experience — User experience is very crucial. Even though this element of a website has lately been overlooked. Websites that offer pleasant user experience with suitable content and quality flow tend to perform better in organic search engines. Why not make your website user-friendly, aesthetically appealing and logically structured? Well! User experience is not to be treated with levity, rather take it seriously!
  • Branding — Your brand needs more presence online, your brand can earn great visibility and acceptance when you offer great value. Value in terms of quality and fresh content in form of visuals, videos, audio, text ….. a multimedia and socially rich experience across various social media platforms by leveraging on social sharing and influencer marketing.
  • Quality link building — Link building is another important SEO strategy that has to be done pretty well. Focus on building quality links from authority sites (sites with the most relevant information on any given topic). Links should be contextual and natural. Having your content shared across top rated sites with those sites linking back to your website does your website a great deal in organic search results. Google and other search engines will consider your website an authority. There is money back guaranteed! Combining a few strategies discussed above will help your business’ SEO effort.

Succinctly put, SEO is making making sure your site is structured in a way that search engines understand and users can actively engage it.

Why SEO is important !

  • Organic Result: If you have a website and can not be found when needed , why are you online? Organic result are more valued and 70% of users of search engines click on organic listings. SEO helps boost your visibility in organic results on search engines.
  • Competitive Advantage : While you wait, your competitors are doing it ! An effective SEO makes your business an authority. If you get found while you are needed in any search endeavour , you leave the user no choice but to engage with you. Your business is trusted and revered if you offer a great experience. You are taken seriously, for organic search delivers 20% more conversion than any direct medium.
  • Cost Effective: You do this at little or less cost as against paying for ads.
  • User Centred- SEO makes you understand the behaviour of users and how they interact with search engines.It makes you see your business right from the customer’s eyeballs. You have to think more like the customer when doing SEO. Afterall, your business exists for them. If you don’t reach them at the point of their need others will!

Key SEO trends noteworthy.

  • Mobile search is going higher than desktop search.
  • Latent Semantic Indexing is the new deal… content ranking on website is now LSI driven.
  • Voice search is growing. This will change the whole trend of SEO battle
  • Media richness is another incentive- website with very rich media assets , relevant videos, infographics and other essential visuals in their content gets more value.

Of all the SEO companies or agencies in Nigeria , RDM has greatly distinguished itself with numerous successful SEO projects .

Article written by Idris Oladipo.