Virginia Heffernan

I am Aritra Paul. I like to call myself an exploratory learner because I like to learn by reading and researching on my own using new adventures and experiences. Even in the classroom, I sometimes find myself not engaged at all because I often do not like the way we are taught in school. I do better on a subject if I research the topic online or just read a book on my own. As you can guess, I heavily rely upon the internet for most of my resources. I am hoping to study Computer Engineering when I attend college because it excites me when I hear new technology that powers the internet. I mean look around you, I bet you can find at least one computer in your sight. The small phone you have on your hand right now is a computer. If there were no computers on board an airplane or a cruise ship, it would require more knowledge and coordination. It would be hard to gain access to these qualifications if that was the case. These are some reasons why I am interested in studying computer engineering and one day become an engineer.

I read the article “How to Sleep On a Plane,” it was interesting to me how much I agree with it a lot. I often face these similar situations when I am on a plane. First time when I went on 19 hours long flight to Asia, I almost dehydrated myself because I was too lazy to ask my neighbor to move.

After reading, “Education Needs a Digital-Age Upgrade” I have one question, Do you think people who are home schooled learn more skills that they can use in the future compared to someone who attend a public school?

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