A Few Things Women Absolutely Suck At

Due to biology and human evolution, there are a few activities/endeavors that women absolutely suck at and will likely never be able to master. To be clear, this has nothing to do with choice, and everything to do with innate biological and psychological inadequacy.

I could make a similar but opposite list for men, but it’s long past time we stopped pretending that women are a monolith of gods. Roughly a quarter of them suck in more ways this list could ever catalog.

For the statistical retards out there, I should also clarify that NAWALT; (Not All Women Are Like That) Just because something is generally true, that doesn’t make it absolutely true. Don’t be confused by the title. Women absolutely suck at politics, but that doesn’t mean Ayn Rand didn’t write the 2nd best selling book of all time — behind the Bible. Get it? Okay let’s go.

  1. Politics:

Sweden → 800 years no welfare State → Women’s suffrage 1921→ Sweden gets massive welfare State 1934 → 56.6% highest tax rate in the world → massive welfare migration from 3rd world → Sweden is rape capitol of Europe/collapsing under the weight of its unfunded obligations.

Bang up job ladies.

Similar trends can be observed throughout nearly every Western nation.

Women get the vote in America 1920; welfare state 1935

Women get the vote in Canada 1917; welfare state 1930's

Women get the vote in France in 1944; welfare state 1945

Women get the vote in Britain in 1928; welfare state in 1942

You get the point. And on and on it goes.

By the way, I’m all for women having the vote, but Western men need to stop being pussies and explain to women that this is how you destroy civilization.

Men have a few thousand years of experience managing and generally being around the halls of power/decision making. It’s part of our DNA.

We’re already on the precipice of another catastrophic collapse thanks to welfare, and it would be a big help if women could be made to understand that they’re very new at this, and they don’t have a fucking clue what they’re doing (this is especially true of Millennial/GenX women as their Baby Boomer parents didn’t teach them fuck all, and they can’t even be bothered to pretend to defer to more competent people.)

If we could get that across, we’d not only have a fighting chance of surviving the next major economic cataclysm, but we might actually come out the other side better off as well.

If you don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to economics and politics, shut the fuck up, read a book, and get the fuck out of the way. There’s way too much work to be done.

2. National Defense/Protection

Again here we could look at Sweden and instead say that women are terrible at protecting culture. With props to 2nd and 3rd wave Feminism, the matriarchal influence on Swedish culture will oversee it’s complete demise sometime in this decade. We could argue it’s already complete and the death roes simply have to play out, but it’s certainly circling the drain.

This is almost purely a matter of biology. Women simply don’t have the physical strength to defend anything from an encroaching ideology which does not hold their same values. What I’m speaking of specifically is of course Marxism/Islam. It’s incredibly sad and pathetic to watch Sweden burn as the women in power refuse to acknowledge that they will suffer first as the inbred death cult arrives.

It’s also a matter of psychology. Women do not possess the neurological makeup to destroy anything that threatens their way of life. Female culture is largely about inclusion and acceptance; as would be expected with the raising of children within a tribe. Anyone who doesn’t know this is either a liar or a biology denying idiot. Male culture on the other hand is largely about planning, protection, and provision.

When you acknowledge that it’s exceedingly rare for modern women to ever admit they’re wrong about anything, it therefore makes sense that they would invite the dregs of 3rd world patriarchal rape culture into their society.

Double down until you die ladies. The wage of sin is death.

3. Entrepreneurial Algerbra

As a male who is profoundly mediocre at math, I feel very comfortable asserting that women are in general terrible when it comes to long term planning and decision making. This would seem to make sense as women have been responsible for child rearing throughout history, and thus require resources right now, not 3–5 years from now. They have literally lived on a resource knife edge.

If we apply the logic of evolution to the reality of the present, multiple partners for men is exactly the same as free resources for women. In fact, that was the trade off for much of human history. A man might have a few dozen offspring with a handful of women, and in return would provide resources for everyone in his care.

Women would thus live for free, or for little to no manual labor outside of giving birth, and would not be responsible for resource acquisition, hunting, or planning, but breastfeeding, child raising, and interpersonal development. These are daily and moment to moment activities.

These are two very different tracts evolutionarily speaking. In this scenario, the men would have to constantly plan in order to acquire and sequester resources. Thus evolves the algebra of entrepreneurialism. When you’re constantly planning, you eventually get really good at it, and it is eventually selected for in evolution to the degree that it confers survival; as it did.

It’s interesting to note that every chess champion has been a man. Why is that? Chess is a purely intellectual endeavor relating to planning, so why can’t women compete against and beat men in chess championships? It’s because of millions of years of evolution.

When you approach the highest levels of human intelligence, say, IQ 150 and above, there are approximately 18 men for every 1 woman.

There is no reason in particular that we would need a women’s chess league and a men’s chess league, but that’s exactly what we have, and it’s because that’s exactly what we do in arenas of competition where the women cannot compete with the men.

Think of every major sport (and most minor ones), as well as the UFC, boxing, and soccer. After puberty it’s simply not fair to make girls compete against boys.

Male superiority is not relegated to physical endeavors, it’s crucial in logic and planning as well, and that’s exactly what you should expect given the reality of human biological evolution.

Act accordingly.