More Walls, Not Less

The future will be characterized by more walls, not less.

As more people become aware of human biodiversity, IQ, and cultural incompatibility — and as software and technology eventually eat the State and our systems of law — people will begin to congregate in city state clusters which are based on philosophical homogeneity.

In other words, if I know you share my principles, we can easily live in the same area.

City states who’s populations are the most homogeneous in terms of adherence to principles which scale with biological & psychological reality, will be the most successful.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider here is that this has precisely nothing to do with racial segregation. Rather, intellectual and philosophical factors will dictate who wishes to live where, and which residents of a given geographic locale decide who gets to join — meaning immigration and unfettered freedom of movement will largely be a thing of the past.

Open borders are Communist, and public property does not exist for it is a contradiction in terms. All property is by definition private.

In a free society which values private property, individuals will be free to purchase owned land, or homestead unused land. In doing so, they will be free to build as big a wall as they see fit, and allow anyone or no one to enter.

It’s also important to note that in this free society, Communists will be free to organize a Communist utopia. If a group of Commies wish to homestead 500 acres of land, and only allow other Communists to enter their society, they’re free to do so.

Never mind they’ll all be dead in a matter of a few years, what’s most important is that they be free to try.