To the One Who Never Tried.

When I agreed to be your toy, I was thinking teddy bear. Who was to know you’d make my heart your yoyo?

It is no wonder my heart grew weary from all the back and forth. You pulled at my strings so long, stability became foreign to me.

You were quite the juggler. You manipulated so many things, so much that I spent more time away from you than I did in your arms, and somehow I still wanted to stay.

Why do you let me go soon as you pull me close?

When gravity intervened, and my strings snapped from the wear and tear, you blamed me for not lasting a while longer. I was made to believe I was the villain when in truth I was the casualty.

Dancing has been fun, but I’m tired of this tango. Put your time into good use, as I’ve found a new muse.

It was only a matter of time, you knew this too.